About Us

AEM provides handling and test solutions to the most advanced manufacturers in the world.  We help our customers deliver many of the most successful products in the 5G economy including microprocessors, high speed communications, IOT devices, and solar cells.

By focusing on advanced manufacturing solutions for high-volume, high-growth products, we've developed valuable and long-term partnerships with our customers, keeping AEM on the forefront of manufacturing innovation worldwide.

Based in Singapore, we serve our customers 24/7 and across the entire manufacturing lifecycle using our network of factories and field support locations worldwide.

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Driving the 5G factory

Our solutions power some of the largest and most advanced factories driving the global 5G economy today. From advanced microprocessors to solar cells, mobile communications and wearables, our solutions help our customers drive faster delivery cycles, greater product quality, and global manufacturing efficiency.

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Pioneering intelligent automation

Our handling and test systems set benchmarks in automation for modern high-mix / high-volume manufacturing.

Our decades of engineering experience allow us to apply parallelism, advanced thermal and electrical engineering, signal processing and analysis, and robotics to design test and handling systems for the world's most demanding manufacturing environments.

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Partnered with the world's most advanced factories

We partner closely with some of the largest and most advanced manufacturers in the world.

In an industry where equipment relationships are often measured in months, our customer relationships have spanned decades because of the strategic value, technical collaboration and global support we provide for our customers.


AEM is a publicly listed on the Singapore Exchange as AEM Holdings Ltd (Reuters: AEM.SI, Bloomberg: AEM SP)