AEM Behavioral Safety Program

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The AEM Behavioral Safety Portal explains the purpose, objectives, functional elements, and management of human working behavior on sites. The portal supports program, procedure, information, guides and methodologies of behavioural safety program.

Note: No one is allowed to copy, distribute, perform or display all or part of the program, records, guides, etc. to external parties without the permission of AEM's appointed behavioural safety consultant , BSD Professionals. For permission to use any part of the program, records, guides, etc., please visit

Video Guide On How To Use The Behavioral Safety Portal for Field Sites                                       BSD Progress Report

Guide On How To Use Behavioral Safety Portal for Factory Operations

Behavioral Safety Procedure, Form and Report Templates

AEM-GP-BBS-01 Behavioral Safety Program for Field                   AEM-GP-BBS-05 Behavioral Safety Program for Factory

AEM-GP-BBS-02 Behavioral Safety Checklist                                BSD-727-07-27-003 Course Notes

AEM-GP-BBS-03 Safety Behavior Performance Report                BSD 727-07-27-003 Behavioral Safety Course Brochure

AEM-GP-BBS-04 Guide on the Use of Behavioral Safety Portal            Appraisal Form

EF 4.4.6-03A Safety Rules & Regulations for Employees

Field Services Records                     Factory Operations Working Records

China Site                                                   Singapore Factory                                                            Records

Costa Rica Site                                          Checklist Submission           Observing and intervening unsafe practices on site

  • Checklist Submission                       Performance Report             is a requirement at shop floor where Engineering /

  • Performance Report                                                                        Build / Testing team perform their activities. Every  

  • Data Analysis Report                       staff shall observe and intervene each other - i.e. cross observation/intervention

  • Training Attendance                         For performance report and checklist submission, individual team shall  only

  • Participant's Certificate  record its own staff and focus its own performance whilst senior management

Malaysia Site                                              shall evaluate the entire teams’ performance and take necessary actions to

Vietnam Site

United States Site

AEM Behavioral Safety Program was developed in accordance to e-Book entitled, 'BSD 727-07-27-003 A Practical Guide on Behavioral Safety - There's Nothing New About It' written by author, David Tan of BSD Professionals. This behavioral safety program provides the strength, flexibility and appropriate basis for the development of a sustainable safety program.

The practical recommendations of this behavioral safety program are intended for use by all those who have responsibility for AEM Workplace Safety and Health Management System. The program are not legal binding and are not intended to replace national laws, regulations or accepted standards.

AEM's most senior management and behavioral safety coordinator on site are accountable for and has a duty to organize implementation of the program.