Handling Solutions

Our handling solutions provide high-volume, multi-process manufacturing automation for 5G products worldwide. Our customers manufacture unit volumes ranging from a few thousand to hundreds of millions of units annually, each with significant testing and handling complexity.

We partner strategically with our customers to offer handler products and services across the entire manufacturing lifecycle.  This allows our customers to keep evolving their global manufacturing capabilities with lower cost and less disruption as product needs and capabilities evolve.

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Handling and Test Equipment

Our handler equipment supports high-volume, multi-process manufacturing lines globally.  

AEM's expertise in robotics, precision manufacturing, thermal and electrical engineering, and systems integration makes us the favored partner for the world's leading 5G manufacturers.

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Engineering & Design

AEM offers decades of engineering and design experience to our customers.  We partner with manufacturers to design handler systems that integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing network to ensure optimal flow and efficiency across the entire manufacturing chain.

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Global Field Support

Our global field support organization provides 24/7 engineering and operations support for our handlers worldwide.

AEM has proven ability to support 24/7 global manufacturing networks with rapidly evolving capacity needs.

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Operational Supplies and Upgrades

We provide supplies, consumables, maintenance services, upgrade kits, and turnkey upgrade engineering for our handlers.

We are able to support continuously evolving manufacturing needs by working with customers to minimize upgrade cost and disruption.

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