Our Solutions

Handling Solutions

Our advanced handling solutions power manufacturing and test lines for millions of 5G devices globally.

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Test and Measurement Solutions

Our automatic measurement and test solutions drive quality and performance guarantees for high-speed communications worldwide.

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MEMS Test Solutions

Our advanced specialized wafer probers enable the lowest Cost of Test possible for sensors & semiconductors for the automotive, industrial and consumer sectors.

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We offer a broad and growing portfolio of manufacturing solutions worldwide.  Although diversified, our products all share the same core principles that power our business growth:

  • Technology that makes a difference
    All AEM's products use differentiated technology to allow our customers to manufacture faster and more accurately, with better quality and less waste. By concentrating our research and development on innovative technology, we have proven our ability to keep pace with a rapidly evolving global manufacturing economy.

  • Delivering the 5G world
    We focus on manufacturers who deliver groundbreaking products for the 5G world. By partnering with 5G manufacturers, we ensure that our customers represent the most vibrant growth opportunities in the manufacturing economy, and that our solutions continue to lead the industry in manufacturing productivity.

  • Strategic customer partnerships
    The complex and evolving needs of our customers require long-term, strategic partnership for advanced manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our long relationships with our global customers.

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