Test and Measurement Solutions

AEM's test and measurement solutions include high-performance handheld network testers and vector network analyzers. Our solutions are highly modular and suited to both factory and field environments. They incorporate industry disrupting innovations and are designed to serve the needs of networks throughout their life cycle.

Testpro 100.jpg

World's First Multi-Gigabit Copper Cable Tester

The TestPro 100 is a high performance field cable tester for installers and IT managers, that serves all phases of enterprise networking, from cabling installation to PoE and network deployment, device activation and life cycle maintenance. It is the industry's most versatile handheld tester for the qualification, validation and certification of network cabling installations.

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Mixed mode multi-port VNA (MMVNA)

MMVNA is a portable vector network analyzer that is purpose-built for characterizing twisted pair cables and components. Balanced transmission is finding increasing adoption, yet traditional VNAs are ill-equipped for it.  MMVNA is a highly user friendly, versatile VNA that can be deployed for both manufacturing and lab tests of IoT applications, specialty sensor connections and automotive cabling.

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